My name is Jaz Harlow and Don't Look Design is my freelance creative business.

Come backstage to find out more about me and my business: Don't Look Design.

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Let the Good Times Roll!

I'm a graphic designer and web developer from Perth, Western Australia. I love all things design related, and I'm constantly seeking out the latest techniques and standards. I focus on quality and usability in the designs I create.

And in case you hadn't guessed by now, I also love rock n’ roll! Other things I enjoy are cruising in V8 muscle cars, hitting the beach to chill out, and heading to the pool to swim a few laps.

Graphic Design

I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon, so it was a natural progression into graphic design. I studied Graphic Design at college and found work in the industry shortly after. That simply was not enough designing to satisfy me though, so I created my freelance business, Don't Look Design, which has allowed me to expand on my skill set and take on a wider variety of projects.

Web Design

I am a self-confessed perfectionist, so I was not content to just design a website look, and handover the build to someone else, I just had to learn the codes for myself. I specialise in HTML and CSS coding, allowing me to build standards compliant, accessible websites. I use Javascript, Flash and PHP to spice things up and process information.

I focus on web best practices and e-standards, so you can be sure your website will be built correctly the first time and will be easy to edit, in case you want to make some changes down the track.

The Process

Each design I create is customised for it's purpose. I got through a similar process for each project and it looks a bit like this:


I listen to what you tell me, and discuss your options with you. If you aren't sure what you need, I can advise you on the best course for your particular situation. By working with a freelancer, you know that the person you speak to in the beginning is the person who will be working on your project every step of the way. I ask questions. I research your industry, competitors and customers. I define the project goals and steps with you.

Idea Generation

By brainstorming and sketching out lots of ideas I can come up with the strongest design solution for your project. I mock up the concept digitally… and then I take a break. I sleep on it. I come back to it with fresh eyes and refine it. This reflection period is key to getting the best results and the highest quality design. I'll ask you to take a look and give feedback, so that we are both sure the design is meeting the project goals.


Once you have approved the concept, I finalise the design. I progress with building and coding the website, or applying your logo to marketing material, or printing the merchandise.

The Grand Finale

The project wraps up with the exciting launch of your website live on the internet, or the delivery of your beautiful new brochures or business cards, or the presentation of your professional new logo and brand identity. The final product will make a memorable impression on customers, and strengthen the trust they place in your business, giving you the edge over the competition.