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Brand Identity and Logos

Lantern Learning Design Brand Identity

I was contacted by Lantern Learning Design to develop a brand identity for their new elearning business.

The brief:

The logo had to be corporate, intellectual and professional, to appeal to educational types and academics. The client suggested using imagery of an old fasioned lantern. They also suggested that a logo using the initials 'LLD' would be good because they planned to use the acronym throughout their promotional material.

The solution:

After much sketching and idea generation, I came up with the image of a lantern which is made up of the initials LLD. The use of the flame shining a light represents education being shared and reaching others, which is what the business aims to do.

Client's comments:

“It's fabulous Jaz - I love it! I like the typeface a lot. What a great job :)”.


You can view the Lantern Learning Design website in my portfolio.

Lantern Learning Design logo final Lantern Learning Design logo final variations Lantern Learning Design logo idea generation