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Brand Identity and Logos

Winterbourne Publishing Brand Identity

I was contacted by Winterbourne Publishing to develop a brand identity for their book publishing company.

The brief:

The logo had to work in a variety of places, from the spine of a book, to large roll up banners, to their website.

It also had to appeal to two distinct audiences: The authors that would use the publishing services; and the customers who would purchase the books.

The solution:

The name ‘Winterbourne,’ means a creek that flows in Winter, so I really wanted to the logo to give an organic, fluid impression. This also reiterates the creative nature of book writing, particularly of a fantasy nature. The mark appears to be reaching upwards, indicating success, and also thinking outside the square, which indicates that they aren't the same as everyone else.

The logo can be used with text or without, and it is designed to work in one flat colour (suitable for black and white printing inside books, or gold embossing on book spines).

Client's comments:

“Thanks for your work on this Jaz, that looks excellent, very striking at any size without being stark”.

Winterbourne Publishing logo final Winterbourne Publishing logo final variations Winterbourne Publishing logo idea generation Winterbourne Publishing logo idea generation Winterbourne Publishing logo application